Oct 17, 2005

CCD failures: More to the story?

By Michael R. Tomkins, The Imaging Resource

Since last week when we published our coverage of the CCD sensor failures disclosed by several digital camera manufacturers, the story has continued to develop.

Three more camera manufacturers have now published service advisories, bringing the total number of companies having taken action to seven. The new advisories from Nikon, Ricoh and Olympus bring the total number of camera models that may potentially fail to 58. Add in the other products using the affected sensors, including digital camcorders, PDA’s, and more, and you have a problem that can cause almost 170 unique products sold all over the globe to fail, particularly when used in conditions of high heat and humidity.

Our investigations prior to publishing last week’s article pointed to a problem with the epoxy packaging used in the failing image sensors eventually allowing moisture to enter. Subsequently, two other potential sources of problem have come to our attention among a flood of reader emails, however.

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