Oct 16, 2005

Apple to hold special press conference in New York Oct. 19 – iPhoto Pro?

From a story on MacCentral comes word that Apple has scheduled a special invitation only event in New York City on the eve of PhotoPlus Expo, the major photographic convention to be held October 20th-22nd. See the original story by Jim Dalrymple: Apple to hold special press conference in New York Oct. 19 to “unveil Apple’s latest pro innovations”. Will this be the announcement of “iPhoto Pro“?

Think Secret is also reporting a story New Apple hardware expected soon which would dovetail with the MacCentral story. But sources have indicated that a large part of the media event in New York City will be to announce a new pro level application aimed towards photographers.

The application some have dubbed iPhoto Pro has been widely rumored but details are extremely limited. Macsimum News reported in September that Apple had filed a patent application, 20050195214 entitled “Method and apparatus for image acquisition, organization, manipulation and publication”. See the original story. Although the patent application sounds more like a patent for the original consumer oriented original iPhoto. iPhoto is currently at version 5.0.4.

iPhoto is directly aimed at non-professional users, but Apple has released high-end pro apps such as Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro and Shake. One wonders if Steve Jobs may have called Bruce Chizen to give him a heads up on the announcement?

PhotoshopNews will be attending PPE and will try to cover the Apple event or news that comes from it.

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