Oct 13, 2005

Bruce Fraser-On the Road to Recovery

Bruce Fraser, noted author, lecturer and the original “Color Geek” is resting comfortably (more or less) at home. Bruce, after a recent speaking engagement in Oslo, Norway with fellow PixelGenius member Martin Evening, suffered a health related issue while traveling home. Upon his return to San Francisco, his wife Angela, in the final stages of training to be a registered nurse, prevailed upon Bruce to seek medical attention.

The doctor immediately plopped Bruce in hospital to begin a series of tests. The testing indicated Bruce required surgery, which was successfully done at UCSF Medical Center on Thursday, October 6th. He was released from ICU on the following Saturday where he remained until today.

Bruce is the author of the highly successful Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2 (pictured in this photo of Bruce taken by Angela). He is also the co-author of a series of other books including Real World Adobe Photoshop CS2 with co-author David Blatner who wrote to say that the current revision is safely finished and on the way to the printer. He has also co-authored Real World Color Management along with Chris Murphy and Fred Bunting. Bruce has also penned numerous articles, most recently for

Bruce is also a founding member of PixelGenius where he designed the very successful PhotoKit Sharpener.

Bruce indicated that he was still going to be “off-line” for a short period of time but passes along his thanks for all the well wishes he’s recieved. PSN is very pleased to be able to report that Bruce is well on the road to recovery…

27 Responses to “Bruce Fraser-On the Road to Recovery”

  1. Andy Biggs Says:

    Best of luck and health to you, Bruce.


  2. Ron Donson Says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Bruce.

    - Ron

  3. mo Says:

    Stay away from the fish plates.

  4. Harron K. Appleman Says:

    Very happy to hear Bruce is on the mend.

  5. John Vitollo Says:

    Wonderful to see you up and around.

    Get well soon!

    Best regards,

    John V.

  6. Phosphor Says:

    I’m counting on catching one of your rare live gigs, and hopefully weaseling my way up on stage to co-improvise some spendidly subtle and disastrous noise.

    So get well soon, mate!

    Best regards, and wishing you a speedy recovery,

  7. Carl Harsch Says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  8. Dick Bos Says:

    Hope you get well real world fast Bruce!

  9. Theo Streibel Says:

    I am glad to read that Bruce is recovering
    and hope that he gets better soon.

  10. Pierre Courtejoie Says:

    Get well soon!

  11. John MacLean Says:


    Be red or green, but for goodness sake, not blue! Get well soon!

  12. Daniel Sroka Says:

    Be well Bruce. Stay home and recalibrate.

  13. Jaddie Dodd Says:

    Dear Bruce

    I’m glad you listened to your wife and got your fanny to a doctor!

    Get well soon!

    I have both editions of Real World Camera Raw and am a registered PhotoKit Sharpener user. I got to hear you speak live for the first time at Photoshop world.

    I’m glad to hear you’re going to be around a while longer!


  14. Neil Snape Says:

    Good news that you had a quick recovery and will overcome all obstacles to getting back up to steam quickly.
    I can see it now , in the OR, while still groggy with anesthesia you eyeing all that equipment that needs instrument based calibration.

    Wish you a speedy recovery Bruce.

  15. Ellis Vener Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    Get better soon and stop smaoking (you too Jeff).

    I am being completely selfish in this wish for your recovery and continued good health because not only know do you know this stuff inside and out better than anyone we know of but you also do a better job of explaining it in a comprehensible language. Reading your work is akin to Richard Feynmann on physics: consise, deeply profound, common sensical, slightly silly sometimes and just a good read.

    Using Photoshop would be a completely different –and more confusing — experience without you around.

    Best wishes to Angela as well.

  16. Mathias Vejerslev Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  17. Susan McCartney Says:

    Your books are essentials for photographers Bruce – please get well soon!

  18. Tina Manley Says:

    Dear Bruce,
    I enjoyed your lecture for ASMP in Columbia, SC, recently and recommend your books as essential for all digital photographers. Hope you recover quickly and return to continue to lead us through the digital maze!


  19. Jeff Boucher Says:

    Bruce, I’m hoping all is well again for you. Having spent a year plus handling my own health issues, I know it can throw life out of wack for a bit. Hang tough, you’ve got a lot of fans out here thinking about you and wishing you well -
    Jeff Boucher
    “To me it’s all about working hard, having fun, and…then like, working really hard some more… but then having some more fun…” Derek Zoolander

  20. Michael Durisseau Says:

    Get well soon, sir!

  21. Kelly Ryer Says:

    All your friends at Peachpit are wishing you a speedy recovery, Bruce. You’ve been in our thoughts.

  22. Rob Keijzer Says:

    Best wishes from Holland. (Have read RWCR+RWCM).

  23. Rand Flory Says:

    Bruce, spend the time you need to recover well. You have much more good work to do. Health problems can be a real nuisance, but it does sound as if you are getting better. Hope to see you back in action soon.

  24. Ralph Nelson Says:

    I’m not suggesting a remedy “instead of” conventional therapy, but “in addition to”.
    Try this:
    1. On a photo of yourself, use the Magic Wand Tool to select the background.
    2. Inverse the selection so that you are now surrounded by the marching ants.
    3. Apply the Healing Brush Tool to the selection.
    4. Save (yourself).
    5. Now have a glass of your favorite wine (for medicinal purposes only).
    6. Listen to your wife and doctor (in that order).
    We will all be right here waiting to hear about your recovery and looking forward to your next article, book, wisdom.
    Ever Onward.
    Ralph Nelson

  25. Jeff Cable Says:

    Bruce, With my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  26. Buko Says:

    Bruce get well soon.

    I know a little thing like this can’t keep a tough ol’ Scottsman down for long.


    You’ve got lots of Books left in you and we want all of them.
    thanks for all the knowledge.

    Buko, that wacky welshman.

  27. hpaynter Says:

    Bruce Fraser passed away on December 16, 2006

    Bruce Fraser was a very dear friend, colleague, and brain trust. I will miss this man immensely. Many people owe much of their understanding of digital imaging and color management to his tireless research and gentle teaching.


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