Oct 9, 2005

DNG Converter 3.2 Allows Direct Command Line Control

Starting with DNG Converter version 3.2 (available for download from Adobe) the application can be controlled via command line control on both Macintosh and Windows systems.

As a direct result of DNG users’ requests, the command line control was authored into DNG Converter 3.2 by its primary author, Thomas Knoll. While this has not really been documented, Thomas recently posted the following on the DNG User to User forum hosted by Adobe.
Command Line Support in the Adobe DNG Converter


Previous versions of the Adobe DNG Converter always displayed a UI, which required human interaction to convert propriety raw files into DNG format. This made DNG conversion difficult to include as part of automated raw processing workflows.

Adobe DNG Converter 3.2 has added command line parameter support, which allows it to be run by automation systems without displaying a UI. This allows DNG converter to be included in automated raw processing workflows.

Running the Adobe DNG Converter from the Command Line

Under Windows, you can run the DNG converter from the command line by just typing the path to the executable file, followed by the parameters. For example, assuming the DNG Converter is installed at the standard location, type:

“C:\Program Files\Adobe DNG Converter.exe”

followed by the parameter list.

Note: Under Windows, you need to include at least one option in the parameter list to prevent the DNG Converter from displaying its UI. If you don’t have any non-default options to specify, just in use the “-c” option, which is a default option.

Under Mac OS X, you need to type to entire path to executable file, which is inside the Application bundle. For example, assuming the DNG Converter is installed at the standard location, type:

“/Applications/Adobe DNG DNG Converter”

followed by the parameter list.

Parameter List

The parameters list consist of options followed by the names of raw files to convert. Options must precede the names of any raw files that they apply to, and apply to all the remaining raw files on the command line.
Command Line Options

The Adobe DNG Converter supports the following command line options:

-c Output compressed DNG files (default).

-u Output uncompressed DNG files.

-l Output linear DNG files.

-e Embed original raw file inside DNG files.

-p0 Set JPEG preview size to none.
-p1 Set JPEG preview size to medium size (default).
-p2 Set JPEG preview size to full size.

-d Output converted files to the specified directory.
Default is the same directory as the input file.

-o Specify the name of the output DNG file.
Default is the name of the input file with the extension
changed to “.dng”.

Direct links for downloading DNG Converter 3.2 are:

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