Sep 30, 2005

Metadata for images means always knowing your subject

Source: Yahoo News
Written By Andrew Kantor, USA TODAY

My parents have piles of photos from “The Old Days” in albums and in boxes that they’ll show me every now and again. I can usually recognize my folks, but I hardly ever know who’s with them.

Trouble is, neither do they. They didn’t write much if anything on the back, which results in descriptions like “That’s us with some friends in, oh, 1954 or 55.”

This drives me batty and I am determined not to leave a similar legacy. The fact that most of my photos are digital makes that easier. I’ve adopted a naming scheme that will ensure I at least know the date a shot was taken and who’s in it.

Every file begins with the date (e.g., “05-0930″) followed by the subject (e.g., “Sam and Reese Jumping.jpg”). So I know it was taken on Sept. 30, 2005, and that it’s Reese standing next to my son.

But you can do more with digital photos than simply giving them smart names. You can use metadata. Metadata is information about the photo that’s embedded in the JPEG or TIFF file – details such as when it was shot, the photographer’s name, a caption, keywords, etc. Perfect for leaving a useable legacy.

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