Sep 30, 2005

Can’t start Help Center from within an Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 application (Mac OS X)

Source: Photoshop Support Knowledgebase

Issue: When you try to start Help Center from within an Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 application, nothing happens or you get one of the following error messages:

– InDesign CS2: “Cannot locate Adobe Help Center. You may need to reinstall it.”

– Photoshop CS2: “There was an error bringing the Help application forward. You may need to re-install the application and the Help Component.”

– Version Cue CS2: “Version Cue CS2 failed to launch the Adobe Help Center. Please make sure it is installed properly.”


You logged in as a non-administrative (Standard) user.

You can start the Adobe Help Center as a stand-alone application.

You installed an update to Adobe Bridge.


Do one of the following solutions:

Solution 1: Start Adobe Help Center as a stand-alone application.

1. Start Adobe Help Center from the Applications folder.

2 Click Product Help, and then select your application from the Help For menu.

Solution 2: Change permissions on the Adobe Launch and StartupScripts folders.

1. Log in as an administrator.

2. Select the Library/Application Support/Adobe/Launch folder.

3. Choose File > Get Info.

4. Expand the Ownership & Permissions section, and then expand the Details section.

5. Unlock the Owner menu by clicking on the lock icon. Change Owner status from System to the actual administrator login name.

6. On the Others menu, set permissions to Read & Write.

7. Complete steps 3-6 for the Library/Application Support/Adobe/StartupScripts folder.

Background information

Users must have Read & Write access to the Launch and StartupScripts folders in order for the Adobe Help Center to launch from within Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 applications. An update to Adobe Bridge changes the permissions settings on those folders, restricting access for non-administrative users.

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