Sep 26, 2005

Nikon issues service advisory for D2H, D70


Nikon today has issued a service advisory for the D2H and D70. The advisory states that Nikon will repair, at no charge to the owner, cameras that are exhibiting the malfunctions described.

Affected D2H cameras will experience “(1) a freezing of the electronic analog exposure display accompanied by a display of the same exposure settings regardless of exposure and/or camera settings, or (2) is unable to focus automatically…” These symptoms have for months been reported on various Nikon-focused Internet forums by D2H owners, as well as directly to us by several newspapers we’ve done training work for, so it’s good to see that Nikon is now formally addressing the problem.

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Nikon USA Service Advisory PDF

D2H Service Advisory (Nikon Europe)
D70 Service Advisory (Nikon Europe)

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