Sep 23, 2005

Canon EOS 5D – A Hands-On Field Report

Source: Michael Reichmann, Luminous Landscape

September, 2005

First things first. This is not a test report. The Canon 5D was announced in late August, and about a week later I received a pre-production sample camera from Canon for field testing. This fortunately coincided with my departure a couple of days later for a two week trip to Athens, Istanbul and the islands of the Aegean Sea. The timing couldn’t have worked out better for a real-world test experience.

Since the camera in hand was not a full production camera (these are coming in October) I will not be spending time looking at nitty-gritty image quality issues. This will have to wait for production cameras. My concerns in this report will be how the camera handles, performs in general, and where it fits in the spectrum of currently available DSLRs.

In the meantime if you feel the need to know how every button and knob works, and wish to peruse the technical specifications of the camera in detail, you may refer to the comprehensive DPreview preview report.

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