Sep 10, 2005

Day 3 – Amarilo to Santa Fe

Depart Amarillo: 10:30 AM
Arrive Santa Fe: 1:45 PM (Mountain time, 2:45 PM Central)
Distance: 274 miles
Average speed: 64 mph (not including 1/2 hour lunch, but including gas stops)
Total miles: 1,336

The weather in Santa Fe is perfect…about 70 degrees and clear with 25% humidity. I’m safely installed at Andrew Rodney’s house (made of adobe of course) just south of Santa Fe. Thus, my trip reports will end. I’ll try to post a report on my class-assuming they show up and that I live through it.

Bye for now…

12 Responses to “Day 3 – Amarilo to Santa Fe”

  1. Paul Beiser Says:


    Thanks for the updates/road reports. I really enjoy reading them, and your pics are great.


  2. Patrick Says:

    Stuff all this Photoshop rubbish…keep up the bike blog. Long live Beemers.

  3. Mike W Says:

    I agree with the bike blog, keep it up. I even dusted off the old Honda Blackbird yesterday and took it out for a spin. Good luck with your class.

  4. don schaefer Says:

    Thanks, Jeff. Enjoy Santa Fe, the workshops, and keep the bike blog going, please.

  5. Jerry Courvoisier Says:

    Greetings Jeff, Just back from Photoshop World Boston! Glad you arrived safe and sound. see you tomorrow at the workshops.

    Your folliclky (sp?) challenged friend.


  6. George Reis Says:


    You mention Starbucks once in awhile. I try to find one when I travel too, but I’ll need to get you into home roasting your own beans after you return. Home roasted coffee is better than coffee house coffee in the same way that home grown tomatoes are better than store bought. When you get back, let me know and I’ll FedEx you some home roasted coffee to see what you think.


  7. Peter Says:

    Nice ride. On the return, swing north through CO, then east through NB. The sand hills in central NB are beauty. But mebbe you’ve done that awready.

    Wish I was on Paseo de Peralta, too.


  8. Roy Galvin Says:

    Hi ya Jeff,
    Keep up the bike blogg and love the pics, pity we dont have the weather here (Ireland). Any chance you doing a class over here :) , your more than welcome to hang out here!!

  9. John MacLean Says:


    What, all that but no MPG info?!

    Safe & Happy Trails!

  10. James Imbrogno Says:

    Hey Jeff,Looks like a great ride. We are in Maine right now helping them rid the state of those pesky lobsters. Bring back some Chiles from the Jesus Chile guy in Chimayo. Jim

  11. David Watson Says:

    Really like the site – really like the stuff when it appears but given that I live in the UK the travelogues of the USA are not at the top of my list! Once great, twice okay, but thrice and so on – yawn yawn etc. etc.

    Please can we have some more relevant photo stuff and less of the “here I am” etc. etc

    Have pity guys!

  12. Billie Says:

    Hey, what has happened. I thought the news would start again after the class….still no news.

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