Sep 8, 2005

Day 1 – Chicago to Joplin

Depart Chicago: 6:00 AM
Arrive Joplin: 5:00PM (corrected)
Distance: 585 miles
Average speed: 65 mph (not including visits but including gas stops)
Stops: 1.5 hour in Springfield to visit my Mom, .5 hour to visit Interstate Motorcycles in St. James, MO owned by Bill Dunkis.

Nothing much to report. Boring slab riding. It was rather hot, but not windy-hate the wind, particularly a cross wind. I like tail winds though…never seem to find them.

No pictures from the trip yet…but here’s a few of my favorite oldies:

On the salt flats West of Salt Lake City during my first cross country trip. Chicago to San Francisco in 3.5 days. Went for a speaking engagement at Seybold.

My all time favorite bike shot was done at dawn in Yosemite National Park. Same trip, except for on the return. That took eight days with camping in Yosemite and then Yellowstone. The reason it’s my favorite, aside from looking nice, is that a coyote and I both shared the moment…he howled and then, so did I.

Another from the same trip – Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, where I had a close encounter of a BOVINE kind. See, the whole trip I was hyper aware of the dangers of hitting a deer. Usually, neither the deer nor the motorcyclist walk away from that. I was even going to put on the deer whistlers till somebody exlpained that they don’t really work. But nobody ever told me about FREE-RANGE CATTLE! The cow guards should have clued me…coming around a corner at speed, I found a whole friggin’ herd of really stupid looking cattle crossing the road. Braked no problem (couldn’t have passed a BB though) and then had to wait for the dumb cows to get out of the way. Seems a bike horn isn’t enough to frighten them. Of course, I didn’t think to get a picture.

I’m off to dinner…steak or seafood? Don’t know, as long as they have beer!

Oh, what the heck…here’s the bike, undressed for sleepy-time in Joplin.

Best bug hit?

Dragon Fly.

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