Aug 22, 2005

Canon Announces New Cameras

Canon EOS 5D (full frame) to ship in October for US$3299
Canon EOS-1D Mark II N adds larger LCD screen, numerous refinements

Source: Rob Galbraith Digital Photography Insights
Written By Rob Galbraith

Rob has two stories regarding new camera announcements from Canon.

The first is about the new full frame camera the EOS 5D, Canon EOS 5D to ship in October for US$3299.

Canon today has unveiled the EOS 5D, a digital SLR with a 12.72 million image pixel, 35mm-size CMOS sensor aimed at photographers who need double-digit megapixel resolution but don’t necessarily have the funds for Canon’s flagship EOS-1Ds Mark II or don’t require all of that camera’s top-end features.

In fact, after the sensor’s size and resolution, perhaps the most interesting feature of the 5D’s is its price tag: with a minimum advertised price (MAP) of US$3299 in the U.S., we reckon there will be more than a few Canon shooters – wedding and portrait photographers, affluent hobbyist photographers, EOS-1Ds Mark II owners looking for a second body and EOS-1Ds shooters looking to move to something newer – that will take a hard look at this new model when it ships in early October 2005.

The second story is about the announcement of the EOS-1D Mark II N. Canon EOS-1D Mark II N adds larger LCD screen, numerous refinements
The second of Canon’s two digital SLR announcements today is the EOS-1D Mark II N, a new version of the venerable EOS-1D Mark II.

In the redesign, Canon appears to have kept all of what’s good about their 8.5 fps news and sports digital SLR while adding a larger rear LCD and buffing up some of the EOS-1D Mark II’s few rough edges. Though we’ve not yet seen the new model in person, we’re optimistic that the changes are going to add up to a noticeably better camera for Canon shooters on the move.

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