Aug 20, 2005

Canon 350D and Camera Raw 3.1 Issue – UPDATED

A post on the Adobe hosted Camera Raw User to User forums stated that a camera owner who sent his camera in to Canon for repair was unable to use Camera Raw 3.1 on the camera after receiving the repaired camera back. (read original thread)

Upon return, it was determined that the camera’s firmware had been updated to version 1.0.2. According to Thomas Knoll, the firmware update changed the internal name of the camera stored in the EXIF metadata from ‘Canon EOS 350D Digital’ to ‘Canon EOS 350D’ thus disabling Camera Raw’s ability to recognize the camera model type.

Thomas wrote:

Canon appears to have installed a new firmware version (1.0.2) when it serviced your camera, and the EXIF model name string is different in this firmware release.

Instead of “Canon EOS 350D Digital” it is now “Canon EOS 350D” with the new firmware.

Camera Raw uses the make and model EXIF tags to figure out which kind of raw file it is reading, and since the model name no longer matches the value it was expecting, it cannot read the file.

You will need to wait until a future version of Camera Raw is updated to detect this new model string. Sorry.

Thomas Knoll.

The firmware, dated 05/31/2005 is available from the Canon USA website Download Library for Digital Rebel XT (note: the firmware update seems to fail to download when accessed via a Mac web browser-both Safari and Firefox flash when clicking the link but fails to download. A similar disability is effecting Explorer on Windows).

The firmware description says:
EOS Digital Rebel XT firmware update incorporates the following improvements:

1. Fixes the phenomenon of extreme underexposure when using some lenses.

2. Fixes the phenomenon of auto power off function failure when auto power off is set more than 2 minutes.

3. Fixes the phenomenon of incorrect white balance when using an external flash.

This firmware update applies to cameras with firmware versions up to 1.0.1 installed. By installing this update, the phenomena will be fixed, and the affected cameras can be used without these problems. If your camera’s firmware is already version 1.0.2, it is not necessary to perform this update.

A further update. Apparently the firmware update issue only effects user in the European market version. According to Thomas Knoll, ” Canon uses three different names for this camera model, the Rebel XT (US/Canada), 350D (European), and Kiss Digital N (Japanese). The compatibility problem with the firmware update only applies to the European market version.”

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