Aug 17, 2005

ZONA Designs The Call Program Package

Creative team takes to the streets to shoot images for stop-motion program package.

From Creative Mac

NEW YORK – To promote The Call on NY1 News, a division of Time Warner Cable, a show which airs weeknights 9 p.m., and the revolutionary system that lets New Yorkers program the opening Your Call portion of that half-hour news show, the channel turned to the image makers at ZONA Design for their network design expertise.

ZONA, the New York-based innovative motion design and branding studio, designed and produced the program package and elements including program and segment opens, animations and transitions which began airing in New York City’s five boroughs, Southern Westchester, New Jersey’s Bergen County and in New York’s Hudson Valley on July 25th.

To encourage viewers to participate in the programming of the Your Call segment, NY1 created a web page,, and provided the same tool that their producers use in the newsroom – a computer-generated rundown of all the stories available for each broadcast’s opening programming block. Viewers are invited to help shape the news segment by clicking on each story headline and dragging the headlines into the order they prefer, creating a rundown for the show’s opening coverage. A click of the submit button sends his or her preferences to NY1, and tuning in to The Call at 9 p.m. shows how his or her choices stacked up against other submissions.

NY1 Art Director Christopher Mullen explained, “We returned to Zoa and her team, with whom we have collaborated on a number of projects, because she has a rare and exceptional creative sensibility and we were looking for something original. We exchanged ideas and Zoa came up with a number of unique design solutions. The creativity they brought to the table made the piece graphically distinctive and hip.”

To illustrate that New Yorkers, no matter where they are or what they are doing during the course of the day – getting into a cab, working on their laptop, or waiting for a subway – will find it simple and easy to participate in The Call’s programming, the ZONA Design creatives took to the streets of Manhattan to shoot the images for their stop-motion program package.

“NY1 is strongly identified with their use of iconic images of the City. We wanted to keep the landscape, the environment in the blue color of their brand but bring the color of New York – its people – to the foreground. We explored a variety of techniques and ultimately were most excited by a frame-by-frame stop-motion approach,“ explained ZONA Design Director /Creative Director Zoa Martinez.

Using a digital SLR camera , ZONA’s team shot a sequence of stills. Then, to create motion, the individual frames were sequenced in Final Cut Pro before the composite team cut apart and animated individual layers, adding the color treatment and effects using After Effects 3D Camera .

“So that The Call and NY1 would share some similar brand attributes, we incorporated the blue of the NY1 brand into the new promotion package and integrated two additional primary colors – the red and yellow animations – to create a distinct personality for the new show,” Martinez added.

The ZONA Design creative team was led by Director /Creative Director /Designer Zoa Martinez and included Executive Producer Dennis Fluet; Senior Designer Mark Lee; Designers Agnes Nowakowska and Youngha Park; Senior Composite Artist Andre Sam; Motion Art Director /Composite Artist Fabien Leon; Composite Artist Eric Konon; Live Action Producer/ Director of Photography Mac Premo and Photographer Kacy Jahanbini. ZONA utilized ADOBE After Effects , Illustrator, and Photoshop in the execution of this project.

NY1 was represented by Senior Vice President and General Manager Steve Paulus, Art Director Christopher Mullen and Creative Services Director Scott Levin. The final audio mix was engineered at NY1 by Creative Services Manager David Kernand Creative Services Producer Alex Gonzalez.

The musical underscore was composed by Peter Fish of Tonic (New York, NY).

About ZONA Design
ZONA Design, founded in 1999, is an award winning multi-disciplined design agency creating results driven work that is bold and direct for all points of contact with the consumer in the general, Hispanic, and youth markets. The company’s portfolio includes high profile projects for Disney/ESPN Networks, AOL Time Warner Networks, 5Boro Skateboards, Discovery Communications, Encore Media Group, Rainbow Media Holdings, Chrysler, Dodge, and the various A&E Networks.

ZONA Design, Inc. is headquartered in the Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 321, New York, NY 10118.

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