Aug 17, 2005

Pixar artists on holiday

Source: CNET Missing Links Blog
Written By Edward Moyer

We recently discovered what Pixar storyboard artists do on their day off. And it’s shocking.

They draw.

In fact, if Enrico Casarosa represents the norm, they draw obsessively.

“I just can’t help it,” says the Pixar vet of three-and-a-half years. “It’s in my blood.”

It must be. Casarosa not only spends his days laboring over a Wacom Cintiq computerized drawing tablet at the home of “Toy Story” and “The Incredibles,” he also fills his off-hours with work on comic books, charcoal drawings and a growing pet project called SketchCrawl. He’s even participated in 24 Hour Comics Day, churning out a cartoon chronicle that tracks his activities over a daylong period.

SketchCrawl, launched last August as a one-man event in Casarosa’s hometown of San Francisco, is slowly becoming a group–and global–affair. The idea is to devote a specific day to nothing but wandering and sketching, preferably with a posse of like-minded pen and pencil pushers who can share their work, and the creative rush.

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