Aug 16, 2005

Adobe Stock Photos 1.0.3 update

Adobe® Stock Photos has a new update, version 1.0.3, which gives you access to more images than ever before. The Adobe Stock Photos 1.0.3 update adds several new features and fixes some problems discovered after Adobe Stock Photos 1.0.2 was released. UPDATE: It seems the updates were posted prematurely, PSN has removed the direct links. However, the 1.03 update is now available via Adobe Updater.

New features in the 1.0.3 release include:

• Four new stock photo collections have been added, increasing the total number of images from 230,000 to over 355,000.

• Advanced search allows for searching by collection.

• After you have successfully installed this update, additional providers will be made available in the Adobe Stock Photos service on an ongoing basis without your having to install another update.

• A link to the Adobe Photographers Directory is available in the Bridge Favorites pane (for U.S. only) in addition to the Adobe Stock Photos home page.

• Support for Photoshop PSD files has been added.

The most significant fixes in the 1.0.3 release include:

• The search results progress indicator “X of Y” will display the correct results when a second search is executed in another window before the first search is complete.

• Amounts in the euro currency are formatted correctly.

• Navigation improvements have been made to the nav bar.

UPDATE: according to a post on the Adobe User to User Forums, it seems that the downloads page for the 1.03 update to Adobe Stock Photos was posted prematurely. As a result, PSN has remove the perviously posted links and will provide an update when further info is available.

NEW UPDATE: The Adobe Stock Photos version 1.03 update is now available via Adobe Updater.
Update posted 11:15 PM, Central today.

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