Aug 16, 2005

Adobe Blogs Launched

Well, it was bound to happen-even Adobe now is hosting blogs…but in this case, they are public corporate blogs by Adobe personal. They have just recently been launched so they are rather sparse at the moment–but that will change if enough people find out about them.

So far, there are blogs being posted by;
Gavin McKenzie who has been working on the blog launch,
John Nack who is the Senior Product Manager on Photoshop,
Notes from MNR Mark Niemann-Ross, Adobe Developer Evangelist,
Lori DeFurio who is the Acrobat (and PDF) Developer Evangelist,
Mike Potter (position unlisted),
Bill McCoy who is responsible for platform product management at Adobe.

Adobe Blogs Home
blog list

5 Responses to “Adobe Blogs Launched”

  1. Mauriceh Says:

    I love this idea – would somebody tell me what a BLOG is?

  2. Daniel M Says:

    the short description of what a blog is would be an online journal.

  3. Andrei Says:

    Wow. Could they have picked an uglier, more poorly designed template for a company that produces the leading creative products on the planet?

    Come on Adobe. Step up to the plate already. It’s only halfway thorugh 2005, some 7 years after the whole blog thing got going.


  4. peter von zezschwitz Says:

    This is a trouble shooting issue: Whenever I tried to open a .tiff or .jpg file in CS2 I get an error message: *Can’t open file because of a program error* I wonder how I can fix this. Same happens in Photoshop 7, but works well in Phtoshop 5 (classic). Any ideas out there ?

  5. brian cary Says:

    Yea the template sure looks dated. They need a new designer on the ground to make it look fresh.

    But it is nice that they are focusing on content and using it as a publishing tool rather than making another website that looks pretty and has text.

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