Aug 15, 2005

Tom Fors in Death Valley

Tom Fors, the fellow who brought you the ACR-Calibrator script is taking a little trip to Death Valley. But geek that Tom is, he’s documenting the trip in an unusual manner, he’s blogging it live (well almost) and uploading GPS coordinates and hopefully photos from the location.

Using Google Maps, he’s upload the locations of the planned photo expedition’s itinerary and will be attaching photos when he gets air time on his Verizion high speed broadband wireless card.

So far, the only photo that Tom has been able to upload has been the photo of his merry band of fellow photographers leaving O’Hare Airport on their way out West. He has updated the map locations and he’s posted to his Death Valley trip blog.

Hopefully Tom & crew have brought plenty of water and warm sleeping bags…although by Death Valley area standards, day time temps of about 90′s and nite time temps in the 60′s aren’t too bad. Although by Tuesday, in the Eureka Sand Dunes the day time temps of +115 degrees should warm them up.

Tom is due back on Thursday, August 18th. (we hope) and we’ll try to track down some of his photos to post.

Thomas Fors is an Engineer at Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago by day and a photography student by night. His interest in photography began in 2000 when he enrolled in a class at the local community college to learn how to use his camera. From the moment he watched his first print develop before his eyes, he knew he was hooked on an expensive new hobby. Thomas is also author of the ACR-Calibrator script which helps automate the calibration procedure developed by Bruce Fraser in his book Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2

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