Aug 15, 2005

It’s time to attain Photoshop expertise

Source: Seattle Times
Written By Linda Knapp

Now that I own an excellent digital SLR camera, it’s time to stop dabbling in Photoshop and actually learn to use this photo-editing software. Adobe Photoshop is the standard among advanced amateur and professional photographers and it’s time for me (and maybe you?) to become a more competent user.

How to learn this highly complex software? I’m well equipped with the Total Training video course for Photoshop CS2 ($300) and three books that explain how to use it.

The video course includes three DVDs with a total running time of more than 20 hours. Considering the time investment, I may choose to watch and learn Photoshop fundamentals and then pick specific lessons to cover after that.

The correct way to take this course is to download the lesson files and practice the skills on images the teacher provides, but I choose to practice on my own images. That may turn out to be a poor choice, but at least I have the option to customize when I take a course in the privacy of my own home. That’s why I like independent courses like this — I can do the lessons I want, when it fits my schedule, and there’s no commute.

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The three books mentioned in the article;

Photoshop CS2 for Dummies by Peter Bauer ($16.49)

Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Photographers by Martin Evening ($29.67)

Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2 by Bruce Fraser ($26.39)

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