Aug 15, 2005

A Bevy of articles about “Acrylic”

It seems the mainstream tech media is bent on creating conflict where there really isn’t any. Case in point, Microsoft’s newly released beta of a “graphic” application code named Acrylic. See the PSN article Acrylic VS Photoshop – The Winner?.

While I haven’t downloaded the most recent beta release yet (I will shortly) I just wanted to go on record to say that I seriously doubt that it’s Microsoft’s intention to actually go head-to-head with the Adobe suite of pro applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign.

I do think that Microsoft has some interesting technology in the former “Expression” originally designed by the Hong Kong-based company, Creature House Ltd and that Microsoft is interested in seeing what they might be able offer to the pro environment–and I think that’s healthy. But the tech press seems to be trying to make something else out of this.

Check out these stories from around the net;

From eWeek Microsoft Fleshes Out Acrylic, Vista Connection

From InfoWorld Microsoft posts new Acrylic design tool preview

From CNET Microsoft adds to graphics software palette

From Ars Technica Microsoft vs Adobe: Round 1. Go!

Check out the Acrylic Home Page and download the beta (Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 2 or above)

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