Aug 8, 2005

Macromedia updates Flash, Dreamweaver

Source: DIGIT

Macromedia on Monday has announced Studio 8, the newest version of the company’s suite of applications for content authoring. Studio 8 sheds FreeHand, but adds two other applications giving the suite a better mix for its target customer, according to the company. Studio 8 now includes Dreamweaver 8; Flash Professional 8 (including a new Flash 8 Video Encoder); Fireworks 8; Contribute 3; and FlashPaper 2.

Since debuting in 1997, Dreamweaver has been the tool of choice for many Web designers who liked the option of hand coding, while having a visual representation of their work. Dreamweaver 8 continues to build on many of the visual aspects of previous releases, while improving workflow and integration.

“This builds on what Dreamweaver has always been good at, which is making complicated technologies approachable to even the most basic users, while giving advanced users room to grow,” said Jen Taylor, product manager for Dreamweaver.

One of the areas Macromedia focused on with Dreamweaver 8 is improving visual CSS. With a new, unified CSS panel, Dreamweaver provides a one-stop shop for working with CSS styles applied to pages. The new interface makes it easier to see the styles applied to a specific element and identify where attributes are defined, according to the company.

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