Aug 1, 2005

King of graphics making formal entry into Indonesia

Source: The Jakarta Post
Written By Zatni Arbi

Come to think about it, it is quite amazing that a company with only 4,000 people can set a bunch of industry standards in the computer graphics world.

The San Jose-based Adobe Systems Inc. has done it, for sure.

Who has not heard of the software program called Photoshop? It has been the de facto standard in the area of image and photo editing. You do not deserve to be called a professional image editor or graphics designer if you are not using Photoshop.

And, if you use your computer regularly, chances are you are familiar with Adobe Acrobat Reader. A free software utility that you can download from the Internet, it is what you need to read any electronic document with the .PDF extension at the end of its name. Adobe created the Portable Document Format (PDF) to enable us to share electronic document files that we cannot modify — if we are not authorized to do so.

Going back further in history, one will recall ATM (Adobe Type Manager). This was the utility that we had to use to incorporate scalable fonts into Windows in order to achieve WYSIWIG (“What You See Is What You Get”). Now that Windows uses TrueType fonts, WYSIWYG is taken for granted and we no longer need ATM. Nonetheless, in the early 1990s, prior to the arrival of TrueType, ATM was another advance from Adobe.

The company also seems to have the tradition of swallowing up its competitors, although not many people have seen it that way. The company lets the acquired competing products live for some time and then kills them altogether.

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