Aug 1, 2005

First Look: Wacom’s 21-Inch Touch Screen

The Cintiq 21UX brings a new dimension to image editing, but it’s tough to get a handle on.

Source: PC World
Written By Diego Aguirre

For years I’ve dreamed of making changes to images in Adobe Photoshop directly on the screen, the way I work on paper.

Wacom’s 21-inch Cintiq 21UX touch screen monitor promised to make my dream a reality. But as often happens, things didn’t turn out as smoothly in the real world as they did in my imaginings.

This specialty monitor isn’t for everyone: With a street price of $2499, Wacom has aimed the Cintiq squarely at graphics professionals, or hobbyists with a fat wallet. You can use it with a wide range of applications–everything from graphics and Web design to architecture and video creation.

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