Jul 19, 2005

theimagingfactory has just released ConvertToBW Pro v3.0 for Windows XP

Press Release: ConvertToBW Pro is a Photoshop plugin for highly customized color to B&W conversions mimicking conventional photography techniques. This popular plugin has now been updated to version 3.0 for Windows XP.

Featuring a completely redesigned user-interface experience, this next major incarnation of the plugin includes a variety of workflow-oriented improvements such as:

- resizable preview window still offering a live, realtime preview image,

- user-definable presets for each individual parameter section,

- scriptable via the Photoshop action palette,

- preliminary 32bit support,

- optimized engine that favors 16-bit processing.

The plugin is priced at USD$99.95. Owners of a previous version purchased in 2005 are eligible for a free upgrade, prior purchases are eligible for the USD$39.95 upgrade offer. Visit for more information and to download the plugin for a 30-day full-function test-drive.

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