Jul 19, 2005

Former Mullins resident goes fishy for photo contest

Source: Morning News Online
Written By Timothy P. Howsare-Marion Star & Mullins Enterprise

Former Mullins resident David Birkbeck doesn’t write fishy stories, but give him a computer and some stock digital photos and he will create a fishy picture.

His digital image, called by Birkbeck “The Fish Wrapper,” won first place out of 577 entries in a contest sponsored by Popular Photography magazine.

Birkbeck pocketed $1,000 for his efforts, which he said took about 10 hours working in a program called Photoshop and about “200 hours thinking about it.”

Contest rules were simple. First, the easy part – download 11 stock photos from the Popular Photography Web site.

Next, the hard part – take at least four of those stock photos and combine, manipulate and enhance the images as far as your imagination can take you.

With mouse and keyboard guiding his way through bytes and pixels, Birkbeck’s imagination took him to a dimly lit back room where two sea otters dressed in trench coats are making a shady deal over a big, purple fish.

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“Photoshop was self-taught,” Birkbeck says, “and I’m sure I have a few unconventional methods that would make some pros want to roll their eyes. But I manage to get results.”

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