Jul 18, 2005

PixelGenius Meeting Report

This report is a chatty (my style don’t you know) report about the PixelGenius meeting we had in Chicago last week. It has no substantial content of importance other than to document what PG does when we all get together. You might draw some insight into the members of PG. If you know us, the following story will amuse you. But, if you are looking for breaking news about Photoshop, you may wish to skip this story.

The meeting was held in the PixelGenius global headquarters (otherwise know as “The Studio”) located in near-north Chicago, Illinois. While the PG members do get together several times a year, we’ve only been all together in Chicago one other time-when we founded the company in 2001.

The first order of business at any PG meeting is an inventory of the wine supply. It was clear that a field trip to Sam’s Wine was in order. If you don’t know about Sam’s, it’s one of the best international wine merchants anywhere-and it happens to be just down the street a few blocks.

Upon returning from Sam’s, the members of PG assess the success of the buying trip and unpack the wine. You may note that Seth is on the phone.

At the very moment of unpacking, Andrew’s cell phone rang and lo and behold, it was Greg Gorman calling to see what was up. It’s amazing just how keen Greg’s timing is when it comes to wine. Seth of course, had to drop some of the names of the wine we had found.

To see a list of the wine we drank during the meeting, click here.

The tally is a PixelGenius secret, but you should know that between the various members, we have a sharp eye for a good deal–and Sam’s offers some great deals!

In no time at all, the first bottle was decanted and poured and a toast was made.

As is the case with all photographers, we just couldn’t wait to see what was just shot, so we adjourned to the computer imaging area where Martin downloaded his shots to his computer.

Of course, we had to see what the “Receipt” shot looked like.

Then it was off to the first dinner, minus Mike whose kids were due to leave to summer camp the next morning. Mike missed a great dinner-sorry Mike!

One of my famous “upside down and through the legs” shots. Okay, the upside down orientation was corrected in Photoshop.

Martin saw this scene along the way and grabbed my camera to take a snap.

Here’s Seth posing on the steps to Vinci, a great Italian place just down the street. We’ve all eaten there before so it’s a PG tradition (and Greg Gorman’s favorite restaurant in Chicago-he likes it better than Charlie Trotter’s).

We had brought along a bottle of Solaia (see the wine list) that we had decanted and ordered a nice Amarone Classico, a 1996 if I remember (or was it the ’98 we settled on) that would drink well quickly.

Here’s an early series of shots assembled using Photoshop’s Photomerge.

And here’s an after dinner shot with a way too long shutter speed.

Then it’s back along Willow Street to the studio–still have that long shutter speed thingie going don’t I?

Here we’re pausing to see what sort of trouble the “PixelGenius Gang” can find. We didn’t find any trouble, so, it was off to bed and an early start the next day.

The next day, we invited Tom Fors (left) over for lunch. Tom got a kick out of meeting Bruce Fraser and they talked about Tom’s ACR Calibrator Script

Of course, that called for another toast. A nice chilled Chablis I recall as Martin is partial to whites. A red was also opened.

Martin just had to snap off a shot.

One of the hazards of being around a bunch of guys with cameras–everybody wants to compare equipment and practice that “perfect photographer’s pose” we all work so hard on. Seth was so excited by posing, he forget to put a lens on.

Being concerned that Martin might have forgotten to put his lens on, I wanted to check. Nope, Martin had a lens on and got a real nice shot of me–thanks Martin!

Even though we established a “no smoking zone” in the studio, the smoke from the “smoking section” was still getting to some. So, we ajourned to the PixelGenius Gardens (next door, in the back yard).

Since we had WiFi (pretty good range from next door) we checked out PhotoshopNews and talked about what we all wanted to do with it. More news on that soon.

Then it was back into the meeting room with the laptops and projector to talk about new products that PixelGenius is working on. Sorry, top secret, can’t talk about it! Except to report on the following;

Click on the image to see the full dialog in a new window.

PixelGenius is happy to report that our products run just fine with the new Mac/Intel developer’s machine. Note the About This Mac screen–it’s showing the Mac version of Photoshop CS2 and PhotoKit running under OS X 10.4.1 on an Intel 3.6 Ghz Pentium 4 processor. However, even though our software will run, we are planning on moving to Xcode and producing Universal Binaries of our software well in advance of the release of the Mac/Intel computers next year.

Ironically, our good friend John Nack, Senior Product Manager for Photoshop was getting married on the exact same day as we were holding our PG meeting. We had promised John we would all toast him and his new bride. Here’s to you and your new bride John.

Congratulations on your new wife (and new promotion too)!


Well, that’s about all I can report regarding the PixelGenius meeting. We thought of some cool new tools and we’re hard at work developing new versions of our products.

Founded in 2001, Pixel Genius, LLC. is a unique collaboration of industry leading experts dedicated to creating leading edge products and services for the photographic and digital imaging industries. While PixelGenius is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, our members span eight time zones in five locales on two continents.

PixelGenius is not your typical company. We don’t do things in a particularly corporate manner. While profit is a byproduct of our efforts, we do what we do because we love it. We don’t have offices, we have studios. We create products we find useful and are gratified that others do as well.

PhotoKit Sharpener
PhotoKit Color

Since the launch of PhotoKit in November of 2002, PixelGenius has expanded its product line and customer base, quite literally, all over the world. Thousands of customers in over 65 countries, have made PixelGenius an unusual international software boutique. Only on the internet. . .

To all of our customers, we thank you.
Martin, Bruce, Seth, Andrew, Jeff & Mike


Martin Evening

Martin Evening is a London based advertising photographer and noted expert in both photography and digital imaging. As a successful photographer, Martin is well known in London for his fashion and beauty work.

In his recent book Adobe Photoshop CS2 For Photographers from Focal Press, Martin extends his expertise to brilliant writing about difficult technical and artistic subjects. His book has already gained a COOL 2 Award from PEI magazine. The book has also been given an Editor’s Choice Award by The Designer’s Bookshelf (

In addition, Martin is sought after for speaking and lectures and is a regular at PDN’s Photo Expo Plus Conference. He is also active in the Digital Imaging Group, a UK based digital imaging association and is co-host of the popular “Prodig” Mailing list. If you would like to find out how to join this mailing list, please visit the web site .

Martin also works with the Adobe Photoshop engineering team consulting on new feature development and alpha and beta testing.


Bruce Fraser

Bruce Fraser should really need no introduction, but for those from foreign lands or out of touch with current events in the digital imaging industry, here’s a thumbnail of the “always colorful” Bruce Fraser.

Bruce emigrated from Edinburgh, Scotland where he escaped the gray Scottish climes only to discover San Francisco’s equally challenging weather. Rumor has it this was the inspiration of Bruce’s fascination with all things relating to color. Bruce has made a lifelong study of human vision and how it relates to reproducible color in photography and photomechanical reproduction.

Bruce is a noted author having co-authored the perennial Photoshop resource book Real World Photoshop from Peachpit Press (he’s hard at work on the Photoshop CS2 version). He is co-author of Real World Color Management and the author of the best-selling Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2. Bruce is also a contributing editor for MacWorld and for CreativePro where he pens his “Out Of Gamut” articles.

Bruce first became familiar with Photoshop in its precursor called BarneyScan XP. Since that time in the late 1980′s, he’s been an important contributor in Photoshop’s ongoing development. He is a feature consultant and alpha and beta tester and is noted in the Photoshop credits. Bruce is widely regarded as instrumental in helping refine color management systems and he greatly aided improved color management implementations in Photoshop 6.0

Bruce is an internationally known speaker and presenter at trade shows, conferences, and seminars in locations as far-flung as Helsinki, Finland and Perth, Western Australia (and points in between). He has also consulted for a wide range of major photographic and digital imaging companies.


Seth Resnick

Seth Resnick, one of North America’s most prolific corporate, editorial and stock photographers, as well as business champion, and an entrepreneur of internet technologies and past President of the Editorial Photographers Group (EP) is greatly in demand for his beautiful graphic images in both natural and created light.

Seth has been published in the world’s most prestigious magazines. His credits include over 2500 publications worldwide and his clients constitute a virtual list of Corporate America. He is one of 65 photographers worldwide named as a Canon Explorer of Light. He has given hundreds of lectures to industry organizations such as American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), Advertising Photographers of America (APA), Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Advertising Photographers of New York (APNY), and colleges and universities nationwide. Seth produces workshops specifically designed for photographers through D-65.

Seth is also an alpha and beta tester for the Adobe Photoshop engineering team. He is on the Advisory Board for, technology consultant to Epson and founding member of (CVA) Coalition of Visual Artists.


Andrew Rodney

In early 1990 after graduating from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena with a BA in Photography, Andrew Rodney purchased his first color Macintosh system in order to run a new and revolutionary product called Adobe Photoshop. Andrew is one of only a handful of Adobe Certified Technical trainers for Adobe Photoshop in the country and has been a beta tester for Photoshop since version 2.5. Andrew specializes in color management solutions and training.

Andrew has been featured in and written for such publications as Photo District News, Publish Magazine, Color Publishing, Computer Artist, Digital Imaging Magazine, Digital Output, Photo Electronic Imaging and Peterson’s Photographic Magazine. Andrew lectures around the country and speaks regularly at such shows as Seybold, Thunder Lizard, PhotoExpo, PMA and DPIX and the DIFP Seminar Series. He also teaches regularly at the Santa Fe Photo Workshops.

Andrew provides custom printer profiles and color management consulting, for more info, visit Andrew’s web site.

Andrew has currently finished a new book due August 10th by Focal Press, Color Management for Photographers : Hands on Techniques for Photoshop Users. This book addresses the difficult subject of color management in a way that can help you get real work accomplished. Complete with what-button-to-push-when explanations, this guide will help you navigate color management and further solidify comprehension of techniques with self-paced tutorials that enable you to practice what Rodney preaches.


Jeff Schewe

Jeff Schewe, a summa cum laude graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, has been an award winning Advertising Photographer in Chicago for over 25 years. Jeff’s photographic specialty has always been problem solving and his move into digital imaging allows even more control over the final photographic image.

He has been doing digital imaging for over 15 years and is widely known and respected in the digital imaging community as a leading pioneer in the field. He speaks regularly at the PDN’s Photo Expo Plus and teaches at the Santa Fe Workshops. A feature consultant and alpha & beta tester for Adobe Photoshop, he has been noted in the Photoshop credits. Jeff has also worked to advance photographic standards and community and is a past President of the Advertising Photographers of America (APA).

Jeff is one of 65 photographers worldwide named as a Canon Explorer of Light. He is also a member of Epson’s Stylus Pro program and consults for a variety of companies. He is a past Apple “Master of the Medium” and has served as a member of Apple’s Customer Advisory Board.


Mike Skurski

As Chief Pixel Technologist of PixelGenius, Mike Skurski is responsible for leading the company to produce software solutions that re-design & re-engineer the digital imaging process. Prior to PixelGenius, Mike held positions as Chief Technology Officer, Senior Production Manager, Assistant Plant Manager, and Director of Digital Imaging. He also contributed to legendary products such as Scitex Visionary and Scitex Visionary Interpreter for PostScript (VIP) software products.

In addition, Mike contributed to over 50 commercial software products including Esko-Graphics PERfection, Wacom PenTools, Extensis PreFlight Pro, Extensis Print Ready, Creo Brisque Export PS DFE Module and Enfocus Pitstop.

Mike is a recipient of the Joseph L. Pedone Award. This award, named for the original founders of the DDAP Association, recognizes outstanding contributions to the adoption of standard accredited workflows. He serves as a member of the CGATS standards committee playing an active role in the review and adoption of the TIFF-IT and PDF/X standards.

Having eleven years of premedia experience and over fifteen years of software development experience, Mike understands the latest trends and the requirements of clients. As Chief Pixel Technologist, Mike incorporates his considerable experience into creating leading-edge software solutions. He graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science in Printing Technology.

Mike also has his first Photoshop SDK, hand written by Thomas Knoll and mailed from Thomas’ apartment in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The version was 1.07 and Mike has worked on Photoshop Plug-ins ever since.


The group shots of the PG members are by Don Scott. The individual portraits are by either Seth Resnick or Martin Evening (however, the metadata says ©2005 by Jeff Schewe because it was my camera). The candids were by either Martin Evening or Jeff Schewe.

©2005 by PhotoshopNews, All rights reserved.

18 Responses to “PixelGenius Meeting Report”

  1. Dan Dill Says:

    What a wonderful report, to see how much you enjoy one another and for the glimpse of your personalities. The photos are slick too!


  2. Clay White Says:

    Nice to see the humanity behind all of this. Now it is time to go home and respond to some of the email to pixelgenius that is probably piling up. I sent one over a year ago and still have not heard back.

  3. Paul Beiser Says:

    Great story! Should be expect some form of wine affect soon in PhotoKit? :-)

  4. Honolulu Harry Says:

    Thanks for the “family album” of you guys. It is fun to see you work and party together. Reallly appreciate what you do for those of us who use your products and depend on your sharing so much valuable information.

  5. Mateo Says:


    How can i join your group; i like wine, good food, photoshop, digital cameras and the good life.


  6. Ralph Nelson Says:

    Would you recommend a red or white with PhotoKit Sharpener? If I had known you guys were all here in Chicago I would have invited you to the set of “Stranger Than Fiction”. We wrap tomorrow, which will give me time to hopefully finally learn how to use PhotoKit Sharpener which is waiting patiently here somewhere on my PowerBook. Or maybe I will just drink some wine in honor of something…anything.

  7. Pat Minicucci Says:

    A motley crew if I ever saw one!

    Great article, great shots.

  8. Doug Robinson Says:

    It is indeed a motley crew, however, they do good work. Simply put, I figured that any group that drinks that much good wine had to be creative, so I bought the full Pixal Genius product bundle – and it really is very creative, and does all the things they set out to do very well!
    Thanks guys

  9. Andrew Rodney Says:

    –>Would you recommend a red or white with PhotoKit Sharpener?

    We pretty much only do Red (well Martin is keen on white).

    Seth did get us a very nice (white of course) desert wine. I like the sweet stuff. That’s how Gorman originally hooked me onto wine.

  10. Jeff Schewe Says:

    Yep, Martin is a white wine snob. . .he just drinks red to be sociable with the other PG crew!

    Funny story. . .Martin, Greg and I were on the way to Mendocino to shoot our video together and of course, we had to stop at the various vineyards along the way. At some point, Martin expressed a strong desire to stop somewhere that had whites for tasting. Stopping at Navarro Vineyards near Philo, CA. Greg indicated that Navarro had some greate “late-harvest” whites. (these are sweet desert wines that Andrew really likes)

    Martin, pehaps not quite understanding Greg’s late-harvest comment, stated he wanted to try a really nice late-harvest, semi-dry white wine.

    Greg and I just looked at each other and laughed. . .”a nice late-harvest, semi-dry white”! (there is no such animal!)

    Martin says he doesn’t remember that at all.

    Clay, if I were waiting for over a year for a response to an email, I would guess a response wasn’t coming, ya know? don’t know what email address you sent to, but we’re pretty good at responding to contacts sent in via the Customer Support form at PixelGenius Tech Support

    Mateo, sorry bud, the PG membership is pretty much locked. There is an extended family, called the Pixel Mafia, but I really can’t talk about that much.


  11. Tom Says:

    Men after my own heart.

    What was the Henry’s Shiraz like, seriously I am interested, I have had some spectacular Cabernet from this vineyard?

  12. Paula Williams Says:

    Mike thinks the world of you guys and it’s easy to see why. It was great to see you all and get a glimpse of your impressive, creative styles. Keep up the great work!
    Cheers to you all!!
    Paula (Mike’s Sis)

  13. Jonathan Wills Says:

    Hmm, those “desert” wines are really, really dry. So dry they’re practically sandy.

  14. John MacLean Says:

    cool beans, I mean grapes!

    Can you add a “email this page” button on PN articles, so I can easily send them to friends?

  15. Andrew Rodney Says:

    –>Can you add a “email this page” button on PN articles, so I can easily send them to friends?

    Oh, that would be useful. Can we do that Jeff? Send the bill for programming to John

  16. Larry Fried Says:

    I am extremely proud to be a family member of Seth Resnick. I remember him in College taking a picture of a chimmney and making it a great photograph and story for the City Newspaper. I have seen his work get better and stronger as he has developed. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to your convention in Atlanta, GA sometime soon. could I be a vip visitor.?

  17. John Nack Says:

    Hey Jeff–

    Thanks to the whole PG crew for the kind wishes! I just showed my new bride (whoa, I almost typed “bridge” there–Freudian slip?), and she loved the toast. Thanks so much for thinking of us. :-D


  18. Andreas Says:

    welcome to norway….

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