Jul 18, 2005

Photoshop World features Canon, Nikon sessions

Photoshop World Conference & Expo has announced that Nikon and Canon are both offering pre-conference workshops on Mon., Sept. 6, one-day prior to the conference’s official kick-off on Sept. 7 in Boston.

Nikon will offer its half-day Nikon Photo Safari session, which is limited to 50 participants because of “the distinctive hands-on teaching approach Versace and Peterson provide.” Canon will sponsor its pre-conference session, which will allow participants to shoot side by side with commercial photographers Jack Reznicki and Eddie Tapp, learning how to set up a “live model” studio shoot and the latest in digital workflow techniques.

Each of these pre-conference workshops requires a separate registration and charge, and are only open to Photoshop World Conference attendees. A $100 discount is also offered on the cost of admission to Photoshop World for all registrations before August 12: NAPP can register for $400, while non-NAPP members can register for $500 (after discount).

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