Jul 15, 2005

Photoshop CS2 Down & Dirty Tricks

Scott Kelby, the world’s best selling Photoshop author and Editor of Photoshop User magazine, is back once again with an entirely new collection of Down and Dirty Tricks for Photoshop CS2. The book, Photoshop CS2 Down & Dirty Tricks is due to ship today.

This new edition includes step-by-step tutorials on how to create the same exact effects you see every day in magazines, on TV, at the movies, and on the Web. It’s even more of those eye-popping, jaw-dropping special effects that made Scott’s previous editions award-winning worldwide smash hits!

But this isn’t just an update to his previous book–these are 100% ALL NEW EFFECTS from cover-to-cover to reflect the latest trends in Photoshop special effects and design. These are nothing but today’s real world techniques–the same ones you see used by leading Photoshop photographers, designers, and special-effects masters–and its all here in the only book of its kind.

Written By Scott Kelby
Published by New Riders
Series: Down & Dirty Tricks

ISBN: 0321330668; Published: Jul 15, 2005; Copyright 2005; Dimensions 8 X 10 ; Pages: 350; Edition: 1st.

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