Jul 8, 2005

PhotoshopNews One Week Hiatus

PhotoshopNews will be on a one week hiatus due to the annual private PixelGenius Buisness Meeting to be held in Chicago.

All the PixelGenius members; Martin Evening, Bruce Fraser, Andrew Rodney, Seth Resnick, Jeff Schewe and Mike Skurski will be drinking some fine wine, thinking great thoughts about new products and generally having a real good time. So, PSN will be left pretty much unattended until next week.

That’s not to say something of importance might not find its way onto PhotoshopNews. There may be the occasional “funny picture” from our meeting. But nothing new is slated until after the meeting.

One story to watch for is my Field Trip to Photoshop Land. Several weeks ago I visited San Jose, CA and stopped in to visit with the Photoshop Team. I stalked the halls with my trusty camera and captured some fun images of the Photoshop engineers going about their regular daily routine.

So, hang in there folks, but don’t expect to see new content until next week!

In the meantime, there are some really good stories you may have missed. The best way to check them out is by clicking on the editorial categories of interest and see what’s there.

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