Jul 7, 2005

Brush stops working and Photoshop freezes when painting (Photoshop CS2 on Mac OS X)

Source: Photoshop Support Knowledgebase

When you use the brush tool in Adobe Photoshop CS2, your brush becomes unresponsive and Photoshop freezes.


– You use a Wacom tablet.

– If you move the cursor off Photoshop when the brush is unresponsive, the outline of the brush shape displays next to the cursor.

– You selected Scattering and Smoothing for your brush.

Solution: Deselect the Scattering and Smoothing options.

To deselect the Scattering and Smoothing options for brushes you use when you paint with a Wacom tablet:

1. Open an image.

2. Choose a brush tool.

3. Open your brushes palette.

4. Select a brush tip you want to change.

5. In the Brush Tip Shapes pane, deselect Scattering and Smoothing.

Background information

Adobe is working to fix this issue. The most recent Wacom drivers (version 4.8.7-2) do not solve the problem.

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