Jul 5, 2005

Web Resources: Norman Koren Photography

If you’ve never been to Norman Koren’s web site, it’s a visit you should make. In addition to his fine photographic work, Norman Koren has made a wide array of very useful tutorials and resources available for visitors.

The only downside to Norman’s site is for some reason, Mr. Koren seems to avoid using Photoshop. His editing tool of choice is Picture Window Pro! But this doesn’t prove to be a distraction to his photographic work or photographic tutorials.

One in particular, Tonal quality and dynamic range in digital cameras is useful for those trying to understand how best to exploit the advantages while minimizing the downsides of digital capture.

It should be noted that Mr. Koren’s tutorials are not for the newbie or recreational user. The tutorials have hardcore scientific fact and are, at times, highly technical.

To find out more about Norman Koren, you can visit his Bio Page.

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