Jun 23, 2005

Adobe Bridge Batch Issue

There is an issue when running the Batch automate function from within Bridge, where actions that contain calls to scripts will fail.

This is a known issue and there is no fix at this time.

The only work around to this issue is to use Batch hosted from within Photoshop CS2 itself instead of Batch hosted in Bridge. Batch hosted from within Photoshop CS2 will run actions that call scripts.

However, since there is no way to select images in Bridge and then switch to Photoshop CS2′s Batch and run batch operations on Bridge selected images, users will need to make selections in Bridge and put them in a folder. Then, from within Photoshop CS2′s Batch command, select the folder containing the images.

Actions that do not contain script calls will run as expected from Batch hosted by Bridge.

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