Jun 21, 2005

Camera Raw image files have incorrect creation times (Bridge 1.0)

Source: Photoshop Support Knowledgebase

Issue: Adobe Bridge lists incorrect creation times for camera raw image files from some Canon digital cameras. (See the Background information section for a partial list of Canon camera models that may have display this problem.)

Incorrect creation times appear in the Metadata panel (Date Created value in File Properties, and Date Time and Date Time Original values in Camera Data [EXIF]).

Incorrect creation times appear in the Date Created value of the image thumbnail.

Incorrect creation times appear in all files you create from the camera raw image files (for example, PSD files, JPG files, and DNG files).

The File Browser in Photoshop CS lists correct creation times for the camera raw image files.

Solution: Save the camera raw image file as a new file with the correct creation time.

Create a new file with the correct creation time by saving the camera raw file to a different file format (for example, PSD, JPEG, or Digital Negative) after you change the time zone on your computer.

1. Quit all programs.

2. Set the system time zone to Greenwich Mean Time:


a. Choose Start > Control Panel > Date And Time (Windows XP) or Start > Settings > Control Panel > Date/Time (Windows 2000).

b. Click the Time Zone tab.

c. Choose (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time: Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London from the menu.

d. Deselect Automatically Adjust Clock For Daylight Saving Changes, and then click OK.

Mac OS

a. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.

b. Select Date & Time.

c. Click Time Zone.

d. Click the western-most edge of Europe to select the BST time zone.

e. Choose London-England from the Closest City menu.

f. Quit the System Preferences.

3. Start Bridge and open the camera raw image files.

4. Choose File > Save to save each file in the desired format.

5. After you’ve resaved all the files, reset the system time zone to the local time by using the instructions in step 2.

Background information

The Camera Raw plug-in (version 3.1 and earlier) incorrectly reports the Date Time Original value saved with some Canon camera raw formats. Bridge uses this value to generate the Date Created value for the camera raw image files.

Setting the system clock to Greenwich Mean Time generates correct Date Created values in all new (non-camera raw) image files that you create from Canon camera raw image files.

Adobe customers have reported this issue with camera raw image files from the following Canon camera models:




EOS 300D (Digital Rebel/Kiss Digital)

EOS-1Ds Mark II

PowerShot S45

PowerShot S50

PowerShot S60

PowerShot S70

PowerShot G2

PowerShot G6

PowerShot Pro 90 IS

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