Jun 21, 2005

Actions automate repetitive Photoshop tasks

Source: Microsoft Pro Photo Home

Creating actions in Adobe Photoshop allows you to automate repetitive tasks to improve efficiency and consistency in your digital workflow.

While photographers tend to feel that each image deserves individual attention to ensure the best result possible, all too often, time is wasted on repetitive tasks that could easily be automated through batch processes on a large number of images. Automation can greatly reduce the time and tedium associated with repetitive tasks.

If you find you are performing the same tasks in the same order for a number of images, or if you have a group of images that need very similar corrections, you’ve probably found a candidate for automation in Photoshop.

Actions to the Rescue
Photoshop automations are defined in terms of actions. Actions contain a list of recorded steps that can be applied to images on demand. The basic process requires that you complete a specific task or series of tasks on a target image. Your computer records all of your mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes so that they can be “played back” and applied to any image you work with in the future. You can run the action on a file (or group of files) at any time.

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