Jun 20, 2005

Adobe talks: Photoshop

Written By Jim Dalrymple

With the release of their flagship product Photoshop in late April, Adobe Systems Inc. went back to the drawing board to develop an application that appealed to a wider audience, while maintaining the high-end functionality expected from its customers. In doing this the Adobe team took a hard look at the markets it serves, specifically digital versus print.

“We wanted to revisit some of the fundamentals in Photoshop to make it more affordable and approachable,” John Nack, Adobe Photoshop product manager, told MacCentral.

See the PSN article, Interview: John Nack–Photoshop Product Manager.

Adobe says that the Photoshop market is expanding to include the prosumer – amateur photographers that expect the best and are willing to pay for it. With approximately 3.2 million digital SLR cameras expected to be sold this year alone, it was clear where the company’s focus needed to be.

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