Jun 20, 2005

$164 buys a dream

Source: Los Angeles Daily News
Written By Lisa Napoli of The New York Times

Amateur photographers get their day in the sun.
RAMONA, Calif. — A few minutes after the man wearing the suit of armor emerged from the makeup tent, he was trailed as he clanked over to the creek by three photographers, buzzing around him and snapping wildly, like paparazzi.

Brian Fischer, a respiratory therapist from San Luis Obispo who had driven eight hours to attend the day’s event, stood back from the scene, surveying the landscape and clutching his new Canon digital camera. The trees dappled the bright midday sun on the campground, almost as if they were a special lighting effect.

Victor Ciccarelli, the man who had organized the event, came over to advise Fischer: “Something better is coming out in about three minutes.”

And in three minutes, something did. A woman with long blond hair, clad head to toe in armor except for her naked backside, hobbled out to some trees not far from the knight. Fischer rushed over and took one arm and an assistant took the other to help keep her steady.

“The only thing better than a girl in armor,” said Ciccarelli as they walked away, “is a girl in horns.”

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