Jun 15, 2005

Everybody’s art

A face-to-face gathering of online artists puts critics on the sidelines
Source: Chicago Tribune
Written By Eric Gwinn

A few weeks ago, the nation’s arts critics descended on Los Angeles and, as critics are wont to do, started complaining.

These days, they are miffed that critics have diminished influence. When they write about how horrible a play is, the play no longer shuts down. When they write about how revolutionary a new sculptor is, said sculptor’s mug doesn’t immediately wind up on the cover of Time magazine.

A big reason for the power shift? The Internet has helped make everyone a critic (no matter how uninformed) — in addition to helping make everyone a participant (no matter how untalented).

So, imagine what arts critics might think now that L.A. is about to play host to the DeviantArt Summit.

Next week’s first summit aims to gather the thousands of artists who sell their works through For two days, artists who know one another only by screen names will be able to rub elbows with one another and take Photoshop classes and get other instruction intended to improve their art or craft or whatever anyone wants to call it.

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