Jun 13, 2005

Intel: wide impact from Apple link-up

Source: DIGIT
Written By Jim Dalrymple

Apple’s new partnership with Intel will have far-reaching effects, not just for the two companies, but throughout the tech industry, an Intel spokesman told Digit’s sister publication MacCentral.

“The dynamic will be different in the marketplace overall,” said Chuck Mulloy, Intel’s corporate spokesman. “Apple has pushed the envelope historically — that competition to push is good for consumers and good for the market in general. It will reinvigorate the amount of innovation out there.”

Mulloy’s comments came amid a wide-ranging interview at the company’s headquarters that touched on Intel’s manufacturing capabilities, the company’s ability to lower the power consumption in its chips, and what processors might appear in Apple’s hardware starting next year. (Intel remains mum on that last point.) But mostly, in the wake of Apple’s surprising announcement that it would drop its long-time chip partner IBM in favor of occasional adversary Intel, Intel officials stressed the similarities between their company and the Mac maker.

Noting that Apple has taken the lead in pushing technology such as USB, FireWire, and wireless networking, Intel says that type of innovation is what it strives for as well.

“It’s a very good fit,” Mulloy said. “Apple has a track record of being the most innovative PC company, and we think we are very innovative as a semiconductor manufacturer.”

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