Jun 10, 2005

Hands On with the Epson Stylus Photo R2400

From Jim Heid’s Macintosh Digital Hub Site.

It’s here! My Epson R2400 arrived from Adorama yesterday, and I’ve spent the last several hours setting it up, making test prints, fondling it, and doing all the usual things one does with a brand-new piece of expensive technology.

First impressions: This is one serious printer. The speed and quality of the mechanism are remarkable—this is no toy inkjet. (Of course, at $849US, it isn’t priced as one.)

The print quality is also impressive, although I’m having a problem getting my printer’s ink nozzles completely clean. As a result, I’m seeing just a slight bit of banding in some of my prints. And in the course of cleaning the ink nozzles again and again, I’ve wasted what feels like gallons of ink. I’ve made only three prints so far—two 8.5 by 11 and one 13 by 19—and some of my $13US apiece cartridges are almost half empty.

This girl likes to drink.

But let’s begin at the beginning—with the obligatory unpack and setup photo shoot.

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