Jun 8, 2005

The “Wayback Machine” Photoshop 2.5 in 1994

Even Sherman and Mr. Peabody would be impressed!

In this day and age where digital cameras are under $1K and Photoshop is at CS2–version 9, but actually the 11th if you count both 2.5 and 5.5–the year 1994 and Photoshop 2.5 is just so last millennium!


But that’s just what I found looking for old references to Photoshop. On the Internet Archive, a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form, I found an episode of the Computer Chronicles, hosted by Stewart Cheifet, that covered photo imaging circa 1994. The PBS series ran from 1983-2002 when it left the air.

In this archived episode, the program looks at several early examples of computer based photo processing. Demonstrations include Photoshop 2.5, Nikon’s LS-10 CoolScan, PhotoFlash 2.0, Apple’s QuickTake Camera, Paint Alchemy, Terrazzo, Picture Window 1.0, EverColor and ArtLink. There was a demo about Photoshop 2.5 retouching capabilities (pretty tame by today’s standards).

There was also a special segment on photographer Stephen Johnson, one of the true pioneers of digital photography. Steve talks about giving up on film to shoot only digital and shows how he makes all-digital prints with the then, state of the art, Iris printer.

The show, which can be viewed via QuickTime, is an unusual glimpse back at what we thought the future might hold.

The show runs 25:44 minutes and is best viewed with a broadband net connection.

Direct Link (MPEG1 269MB)
Requires Apple QuickTime

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