Jun 8, 2005

New Adobe Bridge Script-Import Camera

At Adobe Studio Exchange, there is a new script written for Adobe Bridge, available for downloading:
Import Camera.

Scripts for importing images via Bridge

These scripts can import image files from a camera (or other removable media) to your hard drive. This download is a zip file composed of the Import Camera script, several supporting scripts, and documentation.

Please see the included Import Camera.pdf file for information on installation and operation. By downloading this software from the Adobe Web site you agree to the terms of our license agreement Please read it before downloading.

License Type: Adobe EULA
Date created: 6/1/2005
Last modified: 6/1/2005
Product & Version: Bridge CS2 and higher
Type: Scripts
Platforms: Win,Mac
Category: Scripts for Bridge

Direct Download Link
Size: 355.78k

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