Jun 8, 2005

Folders With an Apostrophe Breaks Bridge & Camera Raw

User have reported, and Adobe Bridge engineers have confirmed, an issue where a folder or volume name containing an apostrophe will disable Bridge’s ability to open Raw file formats within the folder or volume when Camera Raw is hosted by Bridge.


Adobe is aware of the issue and will address it in a future update. However, in the meantime, the work around is to either edit the folder or volume name to remove the apostrophe in the name, or open raw files with the command/control O so that Camera Raw is being hosted in Photoshop CS2. Or double click-depending on your Bridge preferences for opening raw images with Camera Raw.

Leaving the checkmark un-checked will have Camera Raw open hosted by Photoshop CS2 when double-clicking (by default, this is un-checked). Adding the checkmark will have have Camera Raw open hosted by Bridge when double-clicking.

For further information regarding the differences between Camera Raw being hosted in Bridge or in Photoshop, see this PSN article: Camera Raw 3, Photoshop CS2 & Bridge.

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