Jun 7, 2005

Exclusive! Further details on Microsoft’s RAW File Support!

Source: Imaging Resource
Written By Dave Etchells

Following up on our story from last Wednesday about Microsoft’s announced plans to support a variety of RAW file formats in their upcoming Longhorn operating system, we spoke with Josh Weisberg, Group Product Manager for Windows Digital Media at Microsoft.

Microsoft’s announcement last Wednesday of forthcoming support for RAW-format files from digital cameras stirred up quite a bit of interest, but left a number of questions. To get a better picture of what the support will look like, and how the certification program for codecs for the Longhorn operating system will work, we interviewed Josh Weisberg today, Group Product Manager for Windows Digital Media at Microsoft.

The discussion lasted a good 45 minutes and covered a lot of ground, so for conciseness, we’ll present most of what’s below in a question/answer format. The bottom line appears to be that RAW files will now be “first class citizens” under the Windows OS, but it’s equally clear that this particular move doesn’t really address the issues of encrypted or otherwise obfuscated file formats that have become such a source of controversy in the photo community recently.

The Microsoft announcement was in two parts: First, that there will be a “codec” interface for translating image files built into Microsoft’s forthcoming “Longhorn” version of the Windows operating system (currently slated for release in “second half, 2006″). Second, there will be a “powertoy” accessory application released within the next two weeks that will support some interaction with RAW files from Canon and Nikon under the current release of Windows XP. Microsoft’s Digital Image Suite will also support Canon and Nikon RAW files in a near-future release.

Now on to our chat with Josh Weisberg:

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