Jun 6, 2005

The Mac-Intel Computer, Finally!

Source: PC Magazine
Written By John C. Dvorak

Today’s announcement that Apple will be phasing itself to the Intel architecture comes as no surprise to this writer since it’s simply a smart move. I also first got wind of this deal back in 2003 and expected it to have been announced this January. I missed it by one keynote and 5 months.

It’s not a secret that I have been suggesting that Apple do this through most of the 1990′s and most recently in 2001 (see links below). So when I got wind of it actually happening and wrote it up in this column it seemed, at least to many Mac heads, that I was making it up in desperation. I’d invite the readers to go back to those columns and read what the Mac blowhards had to say about it.

Why did this take so long? Insiders knew about the meetings between Intel and Apple back in 2003 and further knew that Jobs was having problems with IBM. One insider told me that Jobs was particularly peeved by the fact that IBM got into bed with Sony on the Cell chip and put Apple on the back burner. Apple and Motorola had already gotten into a beef once Jobs returned to Apple and killed the clone deals. Motorola was hoping to make money from the cloners as a supplier of the PowerPC chip. After that deal was killed Motorola, it is believed, began to make things miserable for Apple and the relationship became strained.

Meanwhile, Intel, which is right down the street from Apple unlike IBM and Motorola, kept up the pressure to get Apple to switch. Once the meetings began in earnest in 2003 you began to see a decline in comparison advertising. Intel was never pleased by that old ad where the snail had the Intel chip plastered on its back. By the middle of 2004 all the crazy performance claims for the Mac dissipated as Apple planned its next strategy: moving to Intel.

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