Jun 3, 2005

Kodak Updates Photoshop Plug-Ins

Source: Photographic Magazine
Written By Ron Eggers

Eastman Kodak’s Austin Development Center (KADC), formally known as Applied Science Fiction, is offering free updates to photographers who already have purchased one or more of its Photoshop Compatible plug-ins.

Now in version 2.0, the updated filters incorporate many of the suggestions that users have voiced. They include larger preview/navigator windows, better memory handling in Photoshop, enhanced performance and an easier method of registering the shareware versions. Kodak is also offering “try before you buy” versions for first time users.

Kodak’s suite of image correction and enhancement plug-ins gives digital photographers a powerful, timesaving, automatic, and affordable method to dramatically optimize their images. The Digital GEM Airbrush Professional plug-in, for example, automatically smoothes skin surfaces, while the Digital GEM Professional automatically reduces image noise and grain. The Digital ROC Professional plug-in automatically restores and balances image color, while the Digital SHO Professional automatically brings out image details that are hidden in highlights and shadows.

The Professional versions of Kodak’s KADC Photoshop compatible plug-ins carry a list price of $99.95 each. Shareware and upgrade versions, for both Mac and Windows-based systems can be download from the downloads page.

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