Jun 1, 2005

Apple brings “The Studio” to more retail stores

Source: MacNN

“The Studio” is a new feature that will make its way to several dozen Apple Stores in the near future. Like the Genius Bar, The Studio will provide one-on-one consultation with an Apple expert.

Unlike the Genius Bar, however, The Studio helps customers with creative projects, rather than technical questions.

“It’s a place where our team of Creatives — filmmakers, musicians, photographers, and designers — work one-on-one with you to make your creative projects a reality. Whether you’re making a movie, a photo album, a song, or a logo, we can help you make it amazing.”

The Studio is already open at Apple’s North Michigan Avenue location in Chicago and was first introduced at Apple Store Shadyside in Pittsburgh. Apple is also offering a premium service at its Studio Training Center.

“If you’re looking for hands-on training for anything Apple, consider signing up for a paid Studio Series. The small, progressive classes are taught by Apple experts in our specially equipped Studio Training Center.”

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