May 27, 2005

Friday Summary / 05-27-2005

This is a short, and admittedly rather late Friday Summary. But here it is. . .

On Friday, May 20th, 2005 PhotoshopNews posted three Photoshop “Issues” stories;

Installation appears to stop with “less than a minute remaining” (Adobe Creative Suite 2 applications)

Error “…writing metadata to [filename]”

“Error 2: photoshop is undefined…”

On Monday May 23rd, 2005, Jeff Schewe posted DNG Workflow / Part I a useful description of how to use Adobe DNG Converter to convert proprietary Raw files to Adobe’s DNG Raw file format.

Also on Monday, PSN posted an essay by Michael Reichmann and Juergen Specht titled The RAW Flaw an in-depth look at the issues surrounding undocumented and proprietary Raw files in the digital photographic industry. There is also a call to action to email letters to camera manufacturers to try to help bring about positive change.

On Tuesday, May 24th, we posted an update about – NEW TIPS with new tips and techniques about Photoshop CS2 by Adobe Evangelists Daniel Brown, Julieanne Kost and Tim Cole.

Also on Tuesday, Bruce Fraser sent PSN an important factoid about Camera Raw 3 titled Arbitrary Resizing in Camera Raw – Top Secret. This disclosure, discovered by Bruce Fraser after a post by Thomas Knoll on the Photoshop Beta Forums, tells how to use a relatively secret feature in Camera Raw to customize the crop feature in Camera Raw.

Bruce also sent along news (with a picture) that Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2 has arrived. The picture of the dapper Bruce Fraser is worth a view! See Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2 It’s Done

On Wednesday, May 25th, the major story was Jeff Schewe’s DNG Workflow / Part II which outlines a proposed DNG Workflow for using Adobe DNG Converter at the initial point of digital image ingestion (copying to your local hard drive).

On Thursday, May 26th, PSN picked up a story from The Guardian about Margaret Hockney, the older sister of artist David Hockney and Margaret’s recent foray into scanner art imaged in Photoshop. See: Original Hockney: £48

We wound up the week with the posting of more Photoshop “Issues”:

Memory allocation and usage (Photoshop CS2)

Error “Adobe Bridge cannot be used…” when you start (Bridge CS2)

Troubleshoot installation problems (Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 on Mac OS X)

Troubleshoot installation problems (Adobe Creative Suite 2.0 on Windows)

This is the week that was. . .May 20-26, 2005.
Thanks for tuning in!

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