May 25, 2005

Epson 4800 Personal Blog By Pete Walsh

Pete Walsh, a photographer based in Glenlyon, Victoria, Australia has started a personal blog regarding his experiences with a brand new Epson Stylus Pro 4800 production unit. Part personal diary, part informational record, Pete’s blog gives an interesting look at his experience setting up and exploring the capabilities of his new printer.

safely upstairs, lots of green tape
Not exactly a ballet but the printer made it into the attic in one piece, wahoo! (many thanks to Aaron from up the road for his help)

There’s a lot of green tape to track down, maybe 30 strips and pieces of foam here and there. The printer is really well packed. I’ve gone over it several times to make sure I’ve removed all the bits and pieces of packaging.

It’s a case of RTFM for me with a gadget on this scale, not the time to rush into things – being sure to remove the carriage fixing board and unlock the print head before going any further.

Probably nothing new to 4000 owners but the build quality is impressive, really stands out – this is really well made piece of equipment. Time to charge the inks and install the driver.

ps. Apologies for the image quality, just quicksnaps with my kids 2mp coolpix.

posted by Pete Walsh @ 8:20 PM


4800 up the ladder

My 5 year old daughter is supervising the installation and is in charge of photography. I’m doing weights with the 4800 rollpaper holder, in preparation for lifting the the printer up the ladder behind me and into the attic. Not really recommended I would think, the printer out of the box is much bigger and heavier than I’d expected (I had contemplated moving my office downstairs) . Maybe we’ll win a sound system on funniest home videos when the printer lands on the floor, ultra trashed. It’s times like this I wish we’d installed a set of stairs.

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definition of torture
Argh, it’s stuck in the car until I can find some help :)

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Up to the attic with the 4800
The main things I’m interested in (obviously apart from increased size) are improvements vs the 2100/original Ultrachrome inks re:

- black and white
- bronzing on surfaces other than matte
- wider gamut

Once I’ve got the 4800 up into the attic I’ll start checking it out. No small feat – I’ll need some help to get it out of the car!

posted by Pete Walsh @ 5:38 PM


4800 has arrived. Off to collect it!
Yes, the 4800 has arrived in Melbourne! I’m off to collect it. It’s a 3-4 hour round trip, I expect to be posting comments later tonight once I get the printer into my attic!

posted by Pete Walsh @ 1:28 PM


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