May 24, 2005

Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2

It’s Done!

Bruce Fraser reports that he has received his author copies of Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2 and the expected ship date of the book, slated to be May 25th., 2005 will be met! Bruce has said that almost 80% of this edition is new-required because of the dramatic improvements to be found in Photoshop CS2, Adobe Bridge and the new Camera Raw 3.x–some of which Bruce himself had a hand in (although he’s too self-effacing to admit it).


As with any proud father, Bruce just had to send along snapshots of he and his new baby. Taken yesterday afternoon by his lovely wife Angela, PSN must take note of his rather stylish new wardrobe.

What we can’t decide is whether the book design inspired the shirt design or if it was the other way around. In either case, the cock of the hat (cute hat Bruce) and the smile tells all.

However, this is merely a momentary cause for celebration as the completetion of this book means he’s now turned his attention to finishing the complete re-write of Real World Photoshop CS2 with his writing partner David Blatner. They are due to finish the new version sometime this summer.

Bruce had claimed in the past, that he considers himself the world’s worst photographer. However, in the foreword to the new Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2 he now has given up that mantle. But he does say that he’s “free of delusions of adequacy” when it comes to his own photography. Okay, we can accept that Bruce.

It should also be noted that this time around, Bruce was responsible for encouraging a lot of new features and functionality in Camera Raw 3.x as well as Adobe Bridge. Bruce would be the last person to mention this, so we will.

Readers of Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2 will also note that there is an addition of a website where downloads of sample DNG files are made available to follow along with examples in the book. The website will also offer a feedback form for readers to offer suggestions and useful criticisms to Bruce. The website will also have late breaking news, corrections and updates as Camera Raw 3.x evolves and is updated.

Congratulations to Bruce for another important contribution to the collective knowledge regarding Camera Raw and shooting in the RAW.

16 Responses to “Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2”

  1. Ian Lyons Says:

    I think with that shirt Bruce is ready to go into competition with “Ole No Moire” ;-)

    Oh Yeh, nearly forgot, Congratulations Bruce

  2. Bruce Fraser Says:

    My regular MacWEEK column, which morphed into an occasional column, was called “Out of Gamut” for good reason, but having the book arrive on a day when the sun was shining in May in San Francisco probably inspired a certain amount of irrational exuberance. Not to mention trying all the drinks featured on the shirt….

  3. Tom Rockwell Says:

    Congrats. I’m really looking forward to this new edition. The original Real World ACR is what made me change from Capture 1 to ACR and I’ve never looked back. It’s the only computer book I’ve ever actually read cover-to-cover.

  4. Mel Lammers Says:

    Now I have to buy another book. Bruce’s first edition got me to shooting RAW and I am looking forward to the new edition.

  5. Greg Barnett Says:


    Did your wife shoot a raw file for that snazzy pic? :-)

    Looking forward to the newest edition – congrats!

  6. PSN Editorial Staff Says:

    Only raw used around here!

    Bruce sent a selection of DNG files for PSN to pick from. Jeff Schewe did the conversions using an “enhancement” of the raw settings in the DNG files.

  7. Trevor Morris Says:

    Looking VERY forward to reading it! Congratulations Bruce!

  8. Jeff Egilsrud Says:

    I’ve received confirmation that my copy has shipped (ordered from the Peachpit Press web site) and will arrive next week. I can’t wait – the first edition of the book helped me immeasurably.

  9. Milly Mohr Says:

    Does that mean you guys can put the baby to bed and go out and have fun with us sometime?
    Congratulations Bruce. Now lets party!

  10. Truthteller Says:

    It would be nice news if it were true. Barnes and Noble has moved the ship date back to an indeterminate date in the future.

  11. John Says:

    “It would be nice news if it were true. Barnes and Noble has moved the ship date back to an indeterminate date in the future.”

    Mine has shipped from Peachpit, so I’d say it’s true.

  12. Bruce Fraser Says:

    I promise that we didn’t fake the book shot in Photoshop!

    Peachpit is already shipping copies, and books are on trucks heading to other stores as I type this. I just checked Barnes and Noble, and it says May 2005, delivery in 1-2 weeks. They should have copies in hand by Monday at the latest.

  13. Mike Early Says:

    Just got mine. Did it come in a plain brown wrapper ’cause it is about shooting raw? Or to stop everyone else from stealing it? I look forward to reading it tonight!

  14. John Says:

    Yep, just got mine too. (Nice living in the same city as the publisher…quick deliveries.)

    Bruce, thanks. It looks very promising, and heaven knows I need a good RAW workflow, and I need help keeping myself from spending another $1-500 on Capture One.

  15. Truthteller Says:

    I hope so though I was hoping to ingest it over the long weekend (and to John, I said Barnes and Noble not PeachPit press). I guess I should have ordered it from the publisher.


  16. mouaade Says:

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