May 13, 2005

Friday Summary / 05-13-2005

Happy Friday the 13th! (eeeek)
During the last week, PhotoshopNews had some read worthy stories, that, well, you really should read!

On Friday, May 6th, we had the story Russell Brown Comes Clean, Reveals All that may have given the impression that Russell Preston Brown wanted to “come clean” before leaving for Australia. Well, he certainly DID leave for Australia last Friday, but of course, he will be back after doing his Australian workshops. But the real “story” was Russell’s movie about the “Official Story of the History of Photoshop” (Note: this is a 48MB QuickTime movie that will open and play in a new browser window. You will need to have QuickTime installed to watch the movie).

If you haven’t seen the movie, you simply must spend 15 minutes or so watching it. He first did this at the February 2000 Photoshop Conference as the keynote to celebrate Photoshop’s 10th birthday. In the audience were John, Thomas and Ruth Knoll and their parents.

This is Russell doing his history demo. He used an overhead video camera which was fed to the main LCD projector live in front of the audience. While he often gets nervous when presenting, in this instance, Russell was terrified because the Knolls were in the audience as shown below.

Also on Friday, PSN reported on a piece by David Pogue regarding the Nikon White Balance Encryption controversy titled Pixels and Protocol

Saturday and Sunday were lite news days since our Editor in Chief, Jeff Schewe, was speaking at the Creative Edge Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

On Monday, May 9th, PSN covered a story that reported that Kodak Keeps Lead in U.S. Digital-camera Market.

Also on Monday, Martin Evening, author of the new Photoshop CS2 for Photographers posted a useful tutorial Multi-raw Conversions using Smart Objects. A tip & tutorial for using the new Smart Object feature of Photoshop CS2 and mutiple raw exposures with Camera Raw to produce a simple high dynamic range image blend.

On Tuesday, May 10th, the big story was of course the announcement of new printers and new inks from Epson. Two press releases; Epson Announces New R2400 Printer and New Epson UltraChrome K3TM Inks and New Epson Pro Printers Aimed at Photographers and Pro Graphics Users. While the press releases tell the basic facts, Jeff Schewe, a beta tester for Epson, will be doing a story about just how good the new printers print B&W and also an interview with Greg Gorman, another Epson tester, for the 4800 and 9800 series Epson printers in a few days. Watch for them!

On Wednesday May 11th, PSN reported a slew of Photoshop CS2 related information and references in the following stories:

Creative Suite Technical Resources reporting availability of PDF reference downloads for Creative Suite 2.

Functions, file names, and locations of preferences files including charts about where Photoshop CS2 preferences for various features are stored.

Improve performance in Photoshop CS2 on computers with more than 1 GB RAM outlining a simple step users can take to boost performance in Photoshop CS2.

Also on Wednesday PSN covered Joseph Holmes writes about the new Epson Printers an indepth look at the new Epson printers and ink.

Jeff Schewe posted an editorial about the importance of Digital Preservation a must read for Photoshop users using raw digital file formats.

PSN noted that Tom Fors has posted a new beta for his ACR Raw Calibrator Script for Photoshop CS2 and Camera Raw 3.1. See: ACR Calibrator Script Beta 3.4 Posted.

Two additional stories related to Phase One were reported; Michael Tapes Leaves Phase One and Joins Pixmantec and a separate story Phase One Releases Capture One V3.7 Does NOT Decrypt Nikon D2X White Balance

On Thursday, May 12th, PSN had the following stories;

DAMUseful Releases Rank and File talking about new productivity scripts for Adobe Bridge.

D-65 Releases Digital Workflow PDF Tutorial for Photoshop CS2 This PDF is a 55 page tutorial explaining everything from capture through processing. The D-65 workflow can be modified to a specific photographer’s methodology and can be easily changed on a per job basis to meet the specs of any client. It’s All About The Workflow With CS2 v1.0 – ($24.95)

And Tech Firms Owe Debt to ‘Star Wars’ Creator a story about how Star Wars creator George Lucas has basically “given away the store” to his technical secrets and an editor’s note regarding how Lucas had to give permission to John Knoll so he and his brother could sell Photoshop to Adobe.

Also on Thursday, PSN posted an announcement: PixelGenius Releases Free Photoshop CS2 compatible updates to their Plug-ins

This is the week that was. . .May 6-13, 2005.

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