May 12, 2005

DAMUseful Releases Rank and File has released an Adobe Bridge Javascript, Rank and File that can write the Star Ratings into the IPTC keywords of an image file, so that other programs can see and use this valuable information.

Rank and File can:
+ Make your Bridge Ratings more durable
+ Make your Bridge Ratings visible to other applications
+ Recover Lost Bridge Ratings
+ Extend the Functionality of the Bridge Labels
+ Make Bridge more compatible with iView MediaProOne of the most valuable things you can do to your image files is to systematically Rate them for quality. This enables you to more efficiently handle the images in every stage of production. Better images should get more adjustment attention in Camera Raw. Better images should also get the most comprehensive metadata treatment. It’s also helpful to be able to find your best images quickly to make portfolios and stock submissions.

Adobe CS2 Bridge includes a powerful new tool for rating images for quality: the Star ratings. Star ratings should be applied as early as possible, and will be very useful throughout the life of the images.

There’s one problem, however. No application other than Adobe Creative Suite 2 can read these Star ratings. Stars are written to XMP data, which is openly documented, but not well-supported at the moment. IPTC metadata, however, is nearly universally supported. By writing the Ratings to the IPTC keywords field, this ratings information can be seen and used by many other applications, such as iView MediaPro, Extensis Portfolio, even by Apple’s new operating system Tiger.

Rank and File provides a one-button solution to write this valuable Rating data to the IPTC keywords field.

What’s more, by writing the Ratings in the way it does, Rank and File enables other applications to mimic Bridge’s “top down” filtering. When filtering for quality in Bridge, you can choose to see, for example, all images 3 Stars and better. This is much more useful than simply seeing all 3 Star images. Typically, you will want to search the best images first, and then broaden you search downward if you don’t find what you are looking for.

Rank and File can write the Adobe Bridge Labels into either the IPTC keywords, Headline, Description or Title field of an image file, so that other programs can see and use this valuable information.

Unlike the Rating Stars, the Label fields in Bridge can have user-assignable values. You can therefore use the Labels for any number of different functions. Some people will choose to to use them for additional quality ratings (Outtakes or Trash Me, for instance.) Others may use them as a status designation (Unrated, Unprocessed, Ready for Conversion, etc.) Still others may use them for content designations (Personal images, Editorial Images, Pictures of Maddy).

Because Labels give you a quick visual indication of which images have been grouped together, they will have lots of uses. Rank and File helps to extend the usefulness of the Label function. Rank and File will let you take those temporary groupings you make with Labels, and make that work much more permanent. By writing the assigned term back to the durable and accessible IPTC metadata, you greatly enhance your organizational work.

The cost for a copy of Rank and File is $20. Each purchased copy of Rank and File may be installed in a in a single license of Photoshop CS2. Since Adobe allows up to two installations per Photoshop CS2 license, this means that Rank and File may be installed in no more than two computers per purchased copy.

Rank and File can be purchased online.

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